Monday, March 14, 2016

Have We Lost Our Minds? Trump, The Media and Manipulation

"If you tell a lie often enough it becomes accepted as truth." Goebbels

Over the past two days I have spent a great deal of time listening, reading and discussing our current Presidential primary campaign. It has become a feeding frenzy. There has been an intensive discussion about the silent majority and a rise in the social activist’s voice. Discussions about violations of the 1st Amendment have been misrepresented and overstated. Just who was silenced at the Trump rally in Chicago? Not the protesters. They were heard loud and clear and they had their chance to impact the populous. But, why were they so angry? Why are they so angry with Trump and his supporters? They got what they came for. However those who came to hear Trump were silenced, right?

Increasingly there has been a movement away from discussing issues and the problems that continue to plague America and sadly, there are many. Obama’s trying to convince Americans that things are better now than when he first ran for president in 08’ is a stretch and being sarcastic and flip about it does not provide comfort to the millions who are disenfranchised. 

Anger erupts when one group’s voice becomes louder than another’s. When one group’s fears are ignored and others are elevated then we lose our sense of reason. People are hurting. The media and special interest groups spin tales, tell lies, and perpetrate hate in very subversive ways. They intentionally protect and cover up facts in stories.  The disparaging rhetoric that is coming from Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, Trump, Sanders and Clinton is all very real, it is wrong. The attempt to politicize via political correctness is damaging the psyche of the American people. On both sides of the aisle there are victimizers and they are telling the victims that the way they feel is wrong. “You are not being abused, you need to go give Uncle Willie a hug – just ignore him while he molests you.”

While Trump is openly speaking and sharing with the world the fears, concerns and giving a voice to the (like it or not) people who have been speaking to him for the past 14 years, other cowards are using PC to paint a picture that is in keeping with the “dialogue of the times.” Truth is he is listening. He saw firsthand the destruction of 911. He saw the city that he was deeply entrenched in rebuilt. It is no accident that the debt that we currently have is close to matching that of what it cost to rebuild the US after 911. That is why even though I do not approve of Obama I do not blame him exclusively for the 19 trillion dollar debt.

What bothered me in a huge way are the talking points that were restated over and over and over again. It is as if the media gave the candidates all the same exact things to say. When interviewing Mr. Trump the same comments were stated over and over again. Regardless of what Trump said they spoke over him and refused to listen to anything he actually was saying. I won’t attempt to defend Trump because you the reader will immediately stop reading, label me a hater and accuse me of being complicit in…what exactly I am not sure. Needless to say this is the chaos that the Democratic Party lives for. It fits perfectly into their agenda and into the groups that they are pandering to in order to maintain control over Washington. I really wish I could believe that it is about my well-being and that of my grandchildren. But, it isn’t.

It is about Hillary Clinton keeping us from focusing on her long litany of inappropriate action. It is about Sanders keeping us from focusing in on his vitriolic commentary against anything that smells like capitalism. For Cruz, Rubio and Kasich, they are scrambling for anything that they can possible grab so as to shut down their opponent. Cruz has been one of the most outspoken bigots in the race but as long as he plays the Trump card he could possibly be the golden boy. Rubio can play his cards in a way that suggests that he is experienced enough, compassionate enough and capable of rising if not this election cycle than one in the future. Kasich he is equally riding the Trump wave so as to garner at least some sort of win so as to not feel completely defeated. The other candidates such as Christie and Carson have tried in their own campaigns to discuss what the majority of Americans have been saying but have been shouted over. Imagine every time you open your mouth to speak that you are immediately denounced as being a bigot, racist and/or hater.

Sanders began his campaign by talking about the economic injustice and rightly so. Hillary, we aren’t sure what she is focusing on other than she wants to be the first female president. That isn’t enough to run on, so she is doing what HRC does best. Hide and cover. Sanders rather than attacking his actual opponent, HRC is choosing to deflect away from the sins of the party and perpetrate exaggerations of reality in order eke out a win.

While I agree that Trump has said some really ignorant comments at his rallies, the reality behind his comments should not be ignored. We are seeing a whole new generation lost and confused. Rather than blaming themselves or their parents for their failures they are blaming the generations before them. Rather than looking deep into their own neighborhoods and identifying the wrong and how they have given in as consumers to the hate, disenfranchisement via social networks, failed economy and loss of the American values that kept us on the straight and narrow for the past century they are actually ignorant to the social history of our nation. Intentionally the Sanders and Clintons of the world are manipulating the youth into a mindset that could quite possibly result in a new modern-day witch trials. Where has Clinton and Sanders been for the past 20 years as we watched student debt grow to an out of control level? Where were they when they watched Wall Street become a monster? Where have they been as they watched regular saving’s accounts go from 5.75% return on savings to .01%? Where were you Sanders and Clinton?

It is a sad reality when you wake up and realize that those who do not believe exclusively as they do are in fact being silenced with intimidation, harassment and threats.

I saw a seasoned Black woman chastising a young Black man on a video that surfaced as a Trump rally. She was screaming in his face to wake up, wake up, and wake up! He was merely saying that he doesn’t understand who the protesters can be saying that Black America is still enslaved. He said that he is college educated, his parents both obtained their Master degrees in the 70’s and the more he tried to talk the louder she got. From there the feeding frenzy began. No one was listening to his discourse, or his understanding of the world. He wanted to tell them to look beyond their understanding all they cared about was that they shut him up. They only wanted him to know he was wrong. How can he be wrong if it is his understanding of his world? While they were shouting in his face that he is wrong, all he wanted to do was to explain his side of the argument. For anyone to immediately call you ignorant because you do not agree is inane and counter-productive. I truly felt the young man’s frustration.

So, instead of continuing the feeding frenzy here is my suggestion:
 • Hillary let’s talk about those damned emails and while we are at it the immense discrepancies in your time as First Lady of Arkansas, First Lady of the US, and most recently your abysmal job as a Secretary of State. Or should we call it a pat on the head and place holder because you acquiesced to your boss?
 • Sanders, let’s focus on how you intend to make this nation a fair and just economic one. Tell us how you intend to protect us from enemies, bolster up a military, pay off our 19 trillion dollar debt and provide an economic social structure that is fair for all. 
• Cruz, how about you focus on your anti-gay rhetoric and tell us what you really intend to do with making America moral.
 • Kasich, you have great ideas but I don’t see how you intend to pull off all that you wish to. Focus on you and ask what can you bring to the next administration should you not get elected. Standing in the sidelines and suddenly pouncing when you see an opening is not good leadership it is very weasel like and unbecoming. (I think people call that passive-aggressive)
 • Rubio, you are in over your head. You start the bullying and like Kasich engage in passive-aggressive behavior so that you can get a piece of the big guy. It reminds me of the cartoon where the little dog suddenly grabs ahold of the tail of a big dog and refuses to let go all the while the big dog is just enjoying the game of chase. Go home, raise your kids, impact your state and come back when you are ready to be a leader.
 • Trump, you have the attention of your voters. While I do not believe you should stop telling your truths and what you have observed as an international businessman I do believe you might just be what this nation needs at this time.

I am not sure that you can move away from your commentaries, as truthful as you may believe them to be any more than John Lennon could ever move away from his innocent comment about Jesus Christ. Yes, today that comment still haunts his legacy despite the truthful reality of such and his attempt to explain his rationale. You see the DJ who got kids to file into the streets and burn their records used the same tactics that the media, the Trump opponents, BLM, Moveon, and every other activist group is using – hype, hyperbole. Trump it is just like what you have done over the past 30 years in an attempt to become famous (successfully so);they are all vying for their 15 minutes of fame.

In the immortal words of Tupac Shakur “Don't believe everything you hear: Real eyes, Realize, Real lies”