Sunday, July 13, 2014

(to a familiar song) Goodbye to the Hotel Infofornia!

Every now and then, I get tired of it all.

And, of course, "all" pertains primarily - if not utterly - to internet information.

Which, of course, I'm hypocritically contributing to simply by referring to it.

And that's a strong component of my weariness: to touch it is to necessarily be infected by it.

And thus continues the spiral of the absence of peace of mind also known as information, and thus the weariness.

Information is perhaps the most addicting drug of all, being not merely a chemical affecting the brain that arguably generates the mind. It, swirling about in juxtaposition to other slightly different instantiations of itself, *is* the mind, for there is no mind without mind content.

Which suggests that letting it go is essentially losing your mind.

Or, in the case of online information (mind stuff), most of your modern mind.

Peace of mind, as it turns out, is quite simply absence of mind.

This mind - hopefully soon, I pray - will check out of the sleazy Hotel Infofornia, and once again become more engaged with life than with *about life* (aka information), which is to say return to being its ineffable source than its ephemeral, tumultuous content.

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