Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Online Professional Portfolios;Guess what HR, Highly Qualified people use them!

After much discussion, frustration as well as pulling out our hair, Steve and I have decided to just laugh at the joke that HR has become in the 21st century. I remember in 1998 whilst taking a technology integration course that I would have to ultimately create an online portfolio in order to obtain a job. It was identified as the wave of the future! 

Yeah, so? So, both Steve and I have put to good use our technology integration and created online portfolios. Guess what? We are still required to do the mundane task of applying on line over and over again, to become one of the thousands who are incapable of creating online portfolios, leaving us at the bottom of the abyss of online application processes. In other words at the bottom of said, application stack! It is beyond tiring, it is absurd! What ever happened to the other suggested requirement in my days of schooling which was not that long ago? Whatever happened to creativity and open-mindedness of HR? "Mary, you must always create fine linen papered resumes that will be sent off to the hiring bodies as that is the way to get hired." That has become a major untruth. I find it hard to believe that true transformational leaders want cookie cutter applicants! That they want people who only spew out words that a computer program wishes to see. That is not trans-formative or creative!

Today if you send your resume on fine linen paper you are asked to go to the website fill out the spyder crawling, code word watching application systems that only serve one discriminate to the point of major labor violations! This is truth. The only one's making any headway off of the new, 21st century application processes is the creator of said application processes! If you want to hire high quality applicants do what we do when looking for high quality job opportunities, search on the web. Chances are high quality organizations can find many highly qualified people with their appropriate online portfolios available for hiring. Go ahead give it a try, you'd be surprised.

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