Sunday, June 29, 2014


Prayer is when hope grows wings and flies to the heavens and back to the heart! (mlaluna, 2014)

How often we hear ourselves say, "I hope this, and I hope that" Hope is a personal statement of wishing. Hope is sometimes the thread we are holding on to as we attempt to awaken the next morning. Or the thread we tug on when we need to take just one more step. Sometimes we find it impossible all by ourselves to take that step. Most of the time we need someone else holding our hand and maybe even holding on to the thread when we are not able to ourselves. It is in our most fragile states that we rely upon the unseen threads. Those energy beams that are sent on our behalf and join together with the power of the universe. Those unseen energy beams are prayer. If we only knew how many people were praying for us on a moment to moment basis we would be blown away! When we personally move from, "I hope everything goes well at work today, or I hope my surgery goes well, etc., to I pray for guidance at my job. I pray for my boss. I pray for the surgeons. and then when others join together with us in prayer, although things may get rough, and the waves toss you about, love is the lighthouse on the shore that will carry you and those you love to shore. Sometimes hope comes in very strange ways.

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

All You Need Is Love! Go Team Rissa!

TeamRissa Walking Side by Side continues to amaze Marissa as she enters into the treatment stage for her breast cancer diagnosis. An immediate and early effort put into place by her niece Megan Frank is coming to life as the t-shirts are arriving. The awareness that this is all so real, and the love is alive and embracing my little sister Marissa is being delivered shirt by shirt, hug by hug. Below are some of the first to post their pictures of love and support for Marissa! Please stop by the fundraising website and help us secure financial relief for Marissa. This money will help her with household support, medical bills and make life a little easier as she will be taking a major financial hit from this diagnosis.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

TeamRissa, Walking Side by Side

My sister Marissa Rapier was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent a lumpectomy and removal of lymph nodes 6/23/2014. She will have to undergo healing from the surgery, as well as radiation and chemotherapy treatment. As a result she will have to be off of work for an unknown period of time. She is raising a son, who although he is college age, still lives at home and has Asperger Syndrome. The financial of this new diagnosis impacts Marissa in a very unique way. As a single mom she has been raising single handedly her son. Her devotion to him and to her friends and family is remarkable. Marissa needs our help financially. Not just for medical expenses, but, transportation, the unforeseen expenses, utilities, food, etc. She will be taking a very hard economic hit over this. WE need to ¨walk side by side¨ and help carry some of the load for her. Her focus needs to be on healing.

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I wrote the song titled, ¨Strides¨ with partner Steve Champagne in 2009 for a Making Strides concert/breast cancer awareness event. Never, NEVER did I imagine that my family would be battling this in our lifetime. Recently Marissa and my sister Maureen were diagnosed with breast cancer. As a gift to all those donating, Steve Champagne and I, will be sending each of you your own mp3, of ¨Strides¨ we ask that you please share this video, this link and whether it is a $1 (that will buy a loaf of bread) $4 buys a gallon of gas, or $1,000 that pays for half a month household expenses, every penny, every $ goes to helping Marissa remained focused on Healing! Thank you and God Bless!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Table Side Reflections

I love to enjoy all the sensory experiences when dining, whether it is alone or with someone I really want to be with. Below are two of such experiences. The table side sketches were done while waiting for my dining guests to arrive and I found myself sketching the other diners in the room with me. It was left for the bussers to discard with the rest of the after meal chaos. The reflected heart was a glorious cosmic gift found reflected through a chardonnay at one of my favorite places to dine, William B's Steakhouse.

Pinot Noir On Fire