Thursday, April 10, 2014

Desert Tortoise

We euthanize, vilify
rip away our mother’s wombs
we end our daughter’s lives too soon.

Incarcerate, discriminate
and leave young boys to face
the hate of hand guns
pointed in their face.
We say okay, it’s quite okay
we are overpopulated anyway,

we need to build more condos
and vacay casas for the rich,
we applaud them as they take
more mother nature,
she’s their bitch.

Prime real estate,
like Watergate,
were liars cheaters still,
We did not learn our lesson
from a trail of tears
just rewrite history,
deaden minds,

no one takes a second look
Just keep the cha-ching coming
we’ve all been conditioned go ahead
its quite ok,
the one who has all of the gold
the one's a-makin' all the rules
they label lessers as their fools
those who put a turtle first
a turtle, the turtle,
tortoise do they care
the symbol that the first man wears
does it matter
they have worth,

bring to end fertility,
man made forced sterility
euthanize, vilify, obliterate,
gentrificate, incarcerate,
nullify, neutralize,
your freedom
it is in my way,

land of the free home of the brave,

Welcome home, US of A!

by Mary E. LaLuna, 4/9/2014

 Desert Tortoise