Thursday, February 6, 2014

Things To Remember!

When it comes to life, there are people who will always make sure that they win. They will make sure that under every circumstance they come out on top...that they are superior. They are NOT fair...they will undermine and cause you harm, even mock you to the point of pain. They will abandon you at every step of the way...all the while holding their hand out as if to help you along, but, the truth is they cannot stand that you may be better than they are. It is what it not be angry or hateful...just remember this. NEVER play their game again! You cannot win! It is okay to not be able to play this game, go find one where you will win. ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS! Love yourself and rise above it!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Idiocy and Misplaced Jealousy!

I just had to share this bit of idiocy! As many of you know, I fell while at work over a year ago. I have been through heck and back with the medical system, professional system, and most importantly workman's comp. I have gone without any treatment since April of 2013 when I went to my own doctor, risking everything, just to unlock my knee that supposedly had nothing wrong with it. Anyway, I am slowly improving in as many areas as I can, however, the injury to my knee hip and back, will require intervention if and when the "system" wants to recognize me as a human being. I wanted to share what happened to me yesterday. Well, I have been fortunate enough to have a parking place with my name on it close to the building so as to not jeopardize me anymore than necessary. To that I say "thank you" to my employer. However, it has brought me distress. From a district truck driver refusing to let me park in my place, (that was finally resolved after a month and a half of fighting for what was my accommodation) to the knowledge by every hater that drives by that that is "Ms. LaLuna's spot" (nanananapoopoo) to the most recent act of misplaced jealousy. A co-worker came to me and said that on her way out of work on Thursday one of my fellow teachers said, "must be nice to have a special parking place and not have to park with the rest of us. In fact, some people are so special they even get a spot with the name on it!" My informant shared that she looked right at the other whiner and said, " She is injured and unable to walk, she is disabled, she was given what she needs. I am certain that she would love to be able to safely walk from the teacher's parking lot! Would you like to trade places?" So, for an industry that prides itself on claiming to bring an end to bullying and harassment, the people leading the charge need to stop the bullying on a professional level. To my fellow co-workers, I look forward to being back as I was before I fell and lost my physical capabilities. I am sorry that my disability makes you uncomfortable and jealous. Any day that you would like to go through what I have gone through in the past year+ have at it. Also, remember, the day may come when I am your boss and I will try real hard to take care of you if and when you injure yourself on my watch. May the Lord have mercy on your ignorance and quickly restore my health! If he chooses to keep me disabled, then i pray HE continues to strengthen my resolve to change the breeding grounds of hate and discontent.