Friday, September 13, 2013

She'll Dance Again...

She is there hidden among the taller trees, can you see her?
 Significant to many and shrouded among the evergreens
 Rounder than most and maybe not as tall
 Her straight back is bending by the weight of so many years
 Still strong, and holding on
 If you watch and wait, you will see it happen the gentle,
swaying, reaching, caressing of her finger like leaves,
 Weeping now and then, then raising up to laugh singing as the wind tickles and reminds her
she is still alive remarkable to be here at this time and moment each new rain fall brings change, rebirth,
 She longs to dance, to be scene, to be adored, her messy long hair changing color with the breeze she is lost among the trees,
 Let her cry for she's a lady,
 Let her dream for she's a child
 Let her scream out in hope for she is wild
 Weeping willow,
you're daddy's favorite
 weeping willow I take refuge in your shade
 while you wait to dance again.

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