Sunday, August 11, 2013

Right Before Our Eyes

What the eye sees is better than what the desires wander after. This is also vanity and a chase after wind. Ecclesiastes 

Eye has not seen, ear has not heard,” that is one of the most remembered and quoted verses from scripture. Ecclesiastes writers go on to share that “what the eye sees is better than what the desires wander after.”
In other words, it is better to be in the moment, accept what is right in front of your eyes, as we are incapable of knowing the mind of God, or the plans that God has put in place for our lives. One must wonder then, why do we pray for direction, insight, healing, protection if it is all laid out, planned, developed before we were even born?
God goes on to share through Ecclesiastes that this applies to those who follow His path, His plan, His direction for their lives. While He endowed us with the right to choose, our free will is in tact, He warns us and gives a map for our lives. Follow these ten commandments and you will be in accordance with our Father in heaven. The God of wisdom, power and the all knowing God. We are incapable as we are warned to know what He knows. To follow a path of our own knowing and belief that we can see beyond what is in front of our eyes, we are reminded by the wise ones that that is like chasing after the winds. It is much more fitting that we stand still and feel the wind swirl around us, dance with our hair, caress our being, and feel its power and grace. Chasing after it we will never real feel it, only live in a time and place that is not befitting of true Thanksgiving. That is the here and now.
Standing in the middle of the wind and knowing is Faith. Faith as we are reminded is the realization of what is hoped for and evidence of things not seen. Faith is believing with an unwavering conviction of the spirit, mind and body. We are assured that we should “not be afraid any longer, little flock for your Father is pleased to give you the Kingdom.” Like a loving father, a good and generous father, he wants to share it with us. Can we accept it? Can we believe that he is ready to hand us His love and grace? He knows the human heart, he made it! He knows our tendencies as human beings. He made us! He also knows what is best for us, yet, we fight against Him. Why? Because we have also come to know human weakness, reality, sinfulness, hate, and yes, we do not trust. But, he tells us in Ecclesiastes that He made the good day, and the evil. He made the sunshine and he made the shadows. He assures us that He can restore what the locusts have stolen away. That He and only He can set things right.
We are called to not lean on our own understanding, but trust in all things, at all times, in all ways. Worrying will not add one second to our lives. I know this all in my head as I am writing this freely, yet, I fight daily to believe it in my heart of hearts. While I cannot understand why I cannot completely let go and Let God...I am trying. So, with all the angels and saints and the beautiful believers who come into our paths, His face and grace is before my eyes and that is better than that which I desire and seek. He shows us who are those who reflect His face. It is right before our eyes.
For now is the moment, and now is the day. Let His Love Shine forth, Be encouraged.

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