Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Garden Party!

Lord we come to you to night in celebration. Not because we are forced to, or out of obligation, but because we want to, we really want to be joined together in your presence. We thank you our Friend, Guide, Host for inviting us to your table. I imagine walking up to a beautiful gate, all around are bright flowers, and tall grasses gently bowing down before you as you stir up the wind. I see butterflies of all colors, shapes, species dipping in and out of the flowers that lace the walkway to your entrance. I hear the birds sing and the small animals stir as we approach. All are rejoicing as they are in your presence. They are as you designed them. I imagine you glorious, standing proud, a huge smile on your face, your hands outstretched as we approach. All of us. We come from different earthly place, locations, cultures, all of us, from the 4 cardinal directions, and corners of the world to sit at table with you and hear your ancestral tales that are our current truths. As we enter into the gate we see before us a great harvest. You have set the table before us. You made everything to your liking, and we are your guest. WE in turn accept your bounty, harvest and gifts that you prepared special for each of us. Lord we come to you in this moment with great joy and anticipation. Roaring wind, heavenly light, powerful king, royalty bright. We pray for our brothers and sisters in the middle east who are unable to see you, those around the world who are not able to experience this freedom, the freedom to share and declare you as their Lord and Savior. We pray for the many who have sought to oppress others in the name of money and power. Lord we pray for all those who are punished for not, those who are persecuted in their own homes, who long for a loving embrace. Protect our children and our unborn. Our spirit cries out in morning over all those who are denied the right to know you and to share their testimony of faith. Thank you friend and blessed host. We call upon your name and thank you for this glorious celebration! Let us all join together in this glorious celebration!

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