Thursday, July 11, 2013

Telling Your Story Without Using "I"

Today as I was in a :"No Where" zone, I started remembering a conversation I had with someone a few months back. I was sharing with him my struggle with my injury. I was not getting better, and well, I was beyond frustration at the time over the lack of concern, regard, and mostly my inability to do my job. After all we are measured by our ability to work for other people and bring home a paycheck. Without that, who are we?

As I shared my story, my frustrations, he began by suggesting that maybe I do not believe enough. Believe as in believe in Christ. Well, my first thought was, "how do you know?" I then slipped into defense mode. It obviously fell on deaf ears, as the only thing he could say was, "Mary, do you know how many times you said, "I" in your description of your pain, and situation?

I said, "No, not really, but, I was talking about my situation, what is your point?" He went on to share that as long as I rely on me, and not the Lord then I will falter. Okay, so, maybe he was right, but, it got me thinking.

Imagine if we only referred to ourselves by our given names when talking to people about ourselves. Such as; Mary went to the market today and Mary got a wonderful new sweater. Mary is going to wear it to the dance Friday night. Mary will feel so wonderful. Weird right?

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