Tuesday, July 16, 2013

PaPa, What Can I Do For You?

“You may never know what results come from our action. But doing nothing,there will be no results” M. Gandhi Often times I pray to my Father that He show me the paths to take, to show me the deepest parts of myself, “who am I, I plead!” I realized today that I cannot fully, completely understand me, until I understand Him who made me, who knew me before I was conceived and grew in my mother’s womb. As I was in my morning reflections today I was brought to the idea of reaching up to the Lord with outstretched hands, reaching up to the heavens and asking Him to show me who He is. Let me know you more. As that thought came to my heart, not just my mind, but my heart as I was reminded of something that the Holy Spirit spoke to me the other night, just before I went to sleep. I was reclining in bed asking for guidance. My life situation was not going well, (still is not) and I said, “I do not even know what to pray for, what favor or blessing to ask for, you know me, you know my needs, show me in which direction I should go.” I felt the Spirit respond that I should pray for Him! I thought, wait one minute, me, lowly, insignificant me, pray for the Lord our God? Then like a wash of warmth, a fire, that lasted for about 10 seconds came over me, and I realized then, that all I can do is simply, ask “what can I do for You?” That is it, what can I do to bring Glory to the one who knows me best? To ask the Lord to show me the path that I should take, I first need to ask Him to show me His path, once I see that,then I can see the path that He desires for me. I read today in one of my reflections that no one seeks God naturally,our sinful inclinations prohibit that, that it is our natural tendency to hide when we are in a place that is not worthy of our understanding of what God is. The disciples of Jesus did not immediately understand, they had to go through a few years of basic training before they even got to the point, and even then on His last night, they had a hard to staying awake! They were human and so am I. The good news is that God will honor my response, your response to His leading by teaching me/you more about Himself. “For those who are led by the Spirit of God, are children of God…”Romans 8:14

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