Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow? With Forgiveness so the Story Goes!

Recently I was drawn to a documentary titled, "Forgiveness." For me, the concept has always been a very beautiful one. One which I was taught over and over again as a child, "say your sorry," "hug your brother," and on and on. But, the truth is, the pain of the insult waged upon me as a child was not easily forgotten. You see, I often found myself saying sorry, but, not really believing that the other person meant it, because, well, my heart didn't hear it. As I grew older and, ahem, wiser, I began to question this concept; "How can I forgive if the other person never really said they were sorry, or, maybe, they are incapable for whatever reason, knowing that they hurt me, or even caring?" It hangs with me. But, what I have come to understand is this, it doesn't matter what they other person really thinks, knows, or feels. What matters is, am I capable of not caring what their intentions were? Can I forgive first their inability or maybe, their disregard of me? The answer is yes, yes, yes, I can forgive regardless of all of the aforementioned. For an entire year I committed myself to studying at the Holocaust Museum in Skokie Illinois. I spent every Thursday night surrounded by survivors, children of survivors, Priests, Rabbis and historians. What I discovered in that time, was their need to forgive, to move on in spite of the trauma inflicted upon them. To love through the Holocaust. To remember that there are those who hate, but, not to hate in return. There is a reason that the butterfly flies free. It is because it frees itself from its chrysalis and emerges a beautiful and new creation. The shell that it wraps itself in is necessary however in order to allow the metamorphosis to begin. Please join me in welcoming Rafal Zielinski and his team to bring to the world his documentary "Forgiveness." Together we can walk in the garden as one. Visit the blog post by the Forgiveness Team.

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