Saturday, July 13, 2013

Marriage Equality and Pro-Life; A Tale

From The Desk of Mary E. a Few Thoughts on Marriage Equality and Pro-Life
At first I was somewhat guarded in posting this little essay as it has the potential of taking the Lord's name in vain when posting it. Please forgive me Lord if that is what you believe of my posting this. Should it be divinely inspired, then it will touch the hearts of the reader and there will be no ill will upon my thoughts or my heart. I am pro-life, I am pro-love and I am a Christian, or shall I say, a student of Christ. So, I bring you, reflections on Matthew 23:31 ~ 

I was drawn to this today, Matthew 23:31. A story came to mind from that; "the Lord God was ready to send a savior to the earth. The second coming was long past due. He looked and looked for a "Mary" figure of old. He chose a woman, a professional, a professor of ethics and morality. Surely, she would be a perfect choice. He placed the fertile egg in her womb, and joined her together with a Doctor of physics. The next savior would bring together science and spirituality. Three months into the pregnancy she was offered a position that would not accept her if they knew an unmarried woman was with child. How hypocritical for the Catholic church to accept a teacher of morality that was an unwed mother. So, she chose to go to Planned Parenthood and seek and end to that which would prevent her from reaching even more women with her leadership abilities. 

Distressed that He thought He raised her to be a woman of profound insight and vision, he sought another. This time he chose the least likely of women. A Congresswoman, who she herself was born to a teenage mom. A graduate of Harvard, she would surely understand that there was great potential in all human life. At five months into the pregnancy she began to doubt her ability to raise a child in this world, a world gone so evil, corrupt, disengaged, and uncaring. A world where marriage equality was about to pass. So, she fought like gang busters to bring about a law allowing her to end late term pregnancies. So, again, He was confused. 

He saw the hypocrites waggle their fingers at the unwed mothers. He saw the "moral" majority shout hate at those who wanted to live in love. He saw the left hands of His Kingdom proclaim a woman's right, while forgetting the rights of others without a voice, or choice. He shook his head and as the evil angel of death began singing out loud in a mocking tone, "This land ain't your land, this land is mine,!" The Lord recoiled and stomped his foot. Without a moments hesitation HE looked down and said, Ahhhh, I know who will not end this and I will once again proclaim, "there is no servant or free, gentile or jew, no man or woman, only love!" He saw them standing there proclaiming love of one another. Praying together before the altar, seeking, wishing, praying for a son, a child they would raise without shame." He looked down upon them and said, YES! I will make you proud fathers! He saw a woman in her 8th month of pregnancy, she believed, she saw and felt life within her. She also said YES! Against the scorn and ridicule of her family, friends, church and community, she looked to the fathers standing before her. One the doctor that treated her with kindness during her 8 months of turmoil and the other a school teacher who was committed to becoming a stay at home dad, and she said, My child will be your child, and your people will be my people! 

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