Saturday, July 6, 2013

Like and Love when interconnected becomes LIVE!

How do you love when you cannot like, or like when you cannot love?
This question came to mind the other day when I was talking with a friend. My friend has difficulty with all the “family” nonsense of the holidays. The fuss and phoniness of the shopping and hoopla that goes with the holidays, to name a few things, so I wanted Very much to help my friend understand my perspective on the subject of the “holidays” and relationships.

Mother Theresa got it! She saw clearly that there is a way to move through the world in peace if you can tap into the idea of loving that which is not likable, and like that which one feels is not worthy of love. You know, finding that special something about someone in the moment, even if it is as simple as focusing on the persons bauble, or shoes, or hair, or something. Loving in a deeper way when you really just want to scream, “go away!”

Now, please do not believe that I am a master at any of this. I am just a mere observer. My job in this moment and at this time is to just point out that which I understanding. It is a time when understanding does not necessarily mean doing.

Take a moment out of your busy day. Look around you. Allow yourself to see with your heart that which the eye cannot see. Hear with your heart that which your ear cannot hear. Touch with your heart, that which your hands loathe to touch. Speak with your heart those words that you find close to impossible to utter. Then sit back and watch the wonder unfold as you become a master of loving when you cannot like, and liking when you cannot love.  

As it is stated in Matthew 6, do not love and like only to be seen as one who is in accordance with the word of God, but, do it because it is what you truly believe, live feel and own. Like and Love when interconnected becomes LIVE!

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