Sunday, July 14, 2013

Clear and Present Danger!

The statistics are alarming, truly they are. Trayvon Martin was one of those statistics. Whether we accept the decision of the jury, or not. Whether we believe that he was an aggressor, or profiled and shot for that reason only, he is a statistic. The statistic is not that of "gun violence," no it is bigger than that. It is the statistic that we refuse to acknowledge. While we are out fighting for civil rights, for this group and that group, no one is fighting for the CIVIL RIGHTS of our children. That is right, children. Trayvon Martin by definition is a child. I do not care if he was over 6 feet tall and was in High School. He was a child!

My nephew was over 6 feet tall in the 8th grade, was he a man as deemed by height? No, he was a child in the grade.

We are not protecting the civil rights of the unborn, the civil rights of the thousands of 12-17 year old boys and girls that go missing EVERY DAY! We are not standing up for the civil rights of the millions of children that go without food, shelter, quality lives in the home. The million upon million children who are being raised by overworked, stressed out single moms. No one is protecting our world's children from atrocities of war.

Who is really doing anything about the parental neglect found in the number of children who will join a gang and enter into a life of crime, decadence, destruction today? Who is doing anything to hold the adults accountable in the mass murders that will occur this weekend in Chicago, Gary, throughout the United States, all in the name of "Gang Violence?"

We can learn from this horrific tale of injustice with Trayvon Martin. While he is in and of himself not a hero, we can step out from behind a veil of secrecy, refusal to talk open on honestly, and make substantial changes that are necessary to overcome the oppression, disregard, and injustices waged against the least of us. Our children, our unborn! It is a sad day when we see more discussion of animal rights than we do, the rights of our children.

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